For over 20 years Eric Alan Berg & Associates, Inc. of Northern California, have provided clients with powerful representation coupled with sincere concern for the welfare of their families. We provide legal services that help you for a lifetime by protecting your rights and values, while leading you through difficult legal situations.

Our business is protecting you and your family with the best possible legal representation. Your crisis is our crisis. We fight hard for you. We have experienced and highly qualified attorneys and support staff who specialize in criminal defense, divorce, family law, bankruptcy, and personal injury cases. We also have a full investigative team.

Berg & Associates is small enough to provide personalized services, yet is large enough to guarantee a spirited in-depth defense fully protecting your rights.

We have an exceptionally dedicated team that will provide you with the best service possible in all of the following areas:

If any of the services above match your needs or if you have any other questions and/or concerns, please use our Tell Us About Your Case form.

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News Updates

Another Success for Berg & Associates!

Recently we had a client who was arrested for possession of drugs and child abuse. Attorney Eric Berg was able to convince the DA to file only the drug possession charge and not the child abuse charge. Further, if our client continues with their treatment plan the entire case will be dismissed in six months without ever requiring our client to plead guilty or no-contest. If you or someone you know is facing legal troubles give our offices a call today at (530) 223-5100 to set up a free consultation!

Another Success for Berg & Associates!

Recently a client retained us who was stopped for a traffic violation while they were transporting a couple of pounds of marijuana, which was discovered by law enforcement during the stop. Our offices were able to get all their charges and case dismissed in court. If you or someone you know has been arrested for similar crimes, give our offices a call today at (530) 223-5100 to set up a free consultation!

Another Success for Berg & Associates!

Before retaining us, our client had a number of pending cases, and some matters being investigated by law enforcement. They took a plea bargain in which they plead guilty to three of their pending cases, with the understanding that the rest of their pending cases would be dismissed and any un-filed cases would not be filed. Shortly after entering this agreement, the DA's office filed charges related to an investigation that began before they entered the agreement. We successfully argued that the DA's office breached the plea agreement, and had the plea agreement enforced - meaning the new case was dismissed. If you or someone you know is in need of an attorney, give us a call today at (530) 223-5100 to set up a free consultation!